Let's celebrate phenomenal STEM moms!

Welcome to the new monthly feature: Mom of the Month


For the brand new feature on The STEM Mom’s Club Facebook page and blog, I shall be featuring a phenomenal STEM mom every month. The featured mom may be one of our members or someone who you would love to know more about. Stay on the look out for this feature in the last week of every month.


(Be sure to inbox me any ideas or suggestions. It could even be a request to have yourself featured on our STEM Mom’s Club page!)


I hope that this monthly feature will allow you to recognise the mom who may live in your neighbourhood or one who is fairly unknown, but is doing spectacular work that you may want to learn more about. Aside from describing their love for their work, as well as their little humans and the support crew to these powerhouses; every STEMinist experiences challenges. May this feature give you a peek into their lives, a new perspective on an individual/job category and above all a chance to reach out and start a dialogue with a fellow STEM mom!


One of the biggest challenges to women within STEM is a lack of role models. Yet whilst most women are willing to mentor, there are a few who suffer from what is known within the field as 'the queen bee syndrome'. This term describes a small number of women who manage to successfully move up through the corporate ladder quickly but see little need to assist other women who may want to follow a similar route. 


The majority of women I spoke to in my own study, did not have mentors. Other women have pointed out the need for role models who are more accessible and are from a local South African background. I hope that this platform shall help to do just that.


I can’t wait to see/hear what you all think about this new feature. Please be sure to leave a comment, share, share, share (using #MomOfTheMonth) or inbox me any suggestions for future features!