Services Offered

Here are a few ways we could work together:


 >  Written content

Are you looking for a fresh perspective on gender issues within the workplace? Are you targeting working moms or work from home moms?

Do you need to share your own ideas but just can't seem to verbalise your thoughts?


I've got you! 


 > Research and data analysis 

Are you working on content centered around gender diversity, organisational and labour policies, but you don't have time to get into the mounds of data available?


I'd love to help!


 > Coaching/mentoring

We all become a little unsure on how to take the next step in our careers or even in our personal lives. Maybe you just need to chat with a friend with a different perspective?


I can't wait to hear from you!


 > Public Speaking

Issues regarding women in STEM and gender diversity in the workplace are becoming a hot topic and increasingly relevant. If you need to capture attention and create discussion...


Let's get talking!


 > NGO/NPO volunteering & work

NGO's/NPO's can always use a fresh perspective on strategy, fundraising or just an extra pair of hands.


I'd love to assist with your needs!