Let's innovate together!


I work with companies who are willing to start realizing the value of a more diverse and inclusive workforce. My approach is to create a more human-centric focus to African innovation.

We have to create solutions based on our own beautiful people.

Research is a guiding force, but we have to be aware of our economy and our own challenges. Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce requires care and consideration; not a blanket approach.

Keep innovating together!



Do you have a plan on how to bring more women into STEM? 

Why do women leave STEM?

How can we retain talent in South Africa?

I want to help you to create a space for better innovation in your workplace!



Are you a women with a background or profession in STEM?

Do you have an idea of how to take the next step to your desired path in STEM?

What would happen if you were more empowered to ask for what you wanted and needed?


It's difficult to find female speakers with a background in STEM.

How do you work towards better diversity & inclusion, if it's difficult to even speak about these topics?