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The STEM Mom Blog has been created as a resource of articles on topics pertaining to women in the STEM fields, and mothers and women in the workplace. It is also a resource for any STEM women or mom who would like to take advantage of the available services on this site.



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Hi! I'm Kamie, thanks for visiting the blog!

About The STEM Mom : Kamentha Pillay

Hi! I'm Kamentha Pillay, from the southern part of the gorgeous African continent. I run a consulting company called Humanised Innovation. I am the founder of the online community, The STEM Moms Club and owner of The STEM Mom blog.First and foremost though, I’m Co-CEO in the Pillay household 😎. 

I am a qualified Electrical Engineer. I also hold an MBA from the University of Roehampton in the UK. I have expertise in the areas of:

• engineering, operations and project management,

• business and investment analysis,

• strategic alignment

• project and financial governance

• diversity and inclusion

• public and motivational speaking

I am an advocate for women in STEM. I would love to share more about my learnings from my thesis and research on the topics of women in STEM and the development and retention of this phenomenal group of individuals. You'll learn more about me through my writings on this blog. Although I hope we'll also be able to connect further to do more work together. Be sure to drop me an email if you'd like to have a chat or meet for a coffee 🙂


The STEM Moms Facebook Group

The STEM Moms Club was started based on the knowledge that a large number of women in STEM tend to leave due to a lack of role models or support from other women who are able to share in their experiences. The STEM Moms Club is a group for moms who work or have knowledge within STEM fields. We are a community of moms who are here to support each other, to share exciting developments in tech but most importantly we intend to discuss those topics which are still barriers in our respective fields. We are based in South Africa, but would welcome STEM moms from around the world to add to the dialogue. Please add anyone who you feel could benefit from being part of our tribe.