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The STEM Mom Blog has been created as a resource of articles on topics pertaining to women in the STEM fields, and mothers and women in the workplace. It is also a resource for any STEM women or mom who would like to take advantage of the available services on this site.



About The STEM Mom : Kamentha Pillay





Hi! I'm Kamentha Pillay, from the southern part of the gorgeous African continent. Much like you, I'm a busy mum with a background rooted in a STEM career. I'm an Electrical Engineer and Business Analyst with ten years corporate experience. I have completed an MBA whilst being married and raising two kids and working full time. I'm now a doctorate student of IOL studies, a founder of the STEM Moms Club and an advocate for women in STEM.



Hi! I'm Kamie, thanks for visiting the blog!

Having lived and breathed the pressure and constraints of the engineering world, I chose to carry out a qualitative research study on the organisational factors affecting the rentention and development of women within STEM fields.


There is still much to be improved and changed in the patriarchal system that most of us have to succeed in. With the knowledge gained, I want to help you to make a success of your time as a STEM woman and mum. Legislation and corporate culture may take a while to reach the standards we would already hope for ourselves. In the meanwhile though, join my tribe of powerful and inspiring STEM women and mums like yourself, to share, support and bring about change for women in STEM fields




I can't wait to hear from you!

Kamie xx



The STEM Moms Facebook Group

The STEM Moms Club was started based on the knowledge that a large number of women in STEM tend to leave due to a lack of role models or support from other women who are able to share in their experiences. The STEM Moms Club is a group for moms who work or have knowledge within STEM fields. We are a community of moms who are here to support each other, to share exciting developments in tech but most importantly we intend to discuss those topics which are still barriers in our respective fields. We are based in South Africa, but would welcome STEM moms from around the world to add to the dialogue. Please add anyone who you feel could benefit from being part of our tribe.